For Hitachi Plant Engineering & Construction Company: SINGAPORE CLEAN ROOM MARKET ANALYSIS

Client wished to better understand the clean room facilities sector in Singapore, in terms of its market potential and major players. This study looked at clean rooms in general and covered all types of clean rooms in various industries, like semiconductor, pharmaceutical, food, chemical and medical devices. It also covered clean rooms in the research and tertiary education institutions like Institute of Microelectronics and Nanyang Technological University. The focus was on clean rooms in the semiconductor sector. Tasks:

  • Projected and existing number of clean room facilities
  • Future trends in establishment of clean room facilities
  • Trends in refurbishment and upgrading of clean room facilities
  • Competitor Profiles

Client Benefits? The information enabled our client to better assess the environment for the awarding of engineering and construction contracts for clean rooms facilities in Singapore. It also helped our client to determine the resources to be allocated to marketing to the companies with clean room facilities and to optimize its positioning and therefore increase its revenue in this sector.


Client: Armstrong World Industries, Inc. is a global leader in the design and manufacture of floors, ceilings and cabinets. The client, Armstrong (Singapore) Pte Ltd, is a subsidiary office focusing on flooring and ceiling product segments. The strategy for this business has been focused on maintaining what Client does today:

  • Building Product: keep costs low, maintain market share and help develop the acoustic market.
  • Flooring Product: stay in the high end market.

Problem: No products specific to the region have been developed and sourcing has become problematic. With South East Asia (SEA or ASEAN) seen as a growth area, there is a renewed energy to give the area more resource to drive #1 position.

Tasks: A research is required to confirm data on market sizes for commercial flooring markets.
1. Market Size
1.1. Market Size of Completed Construction Space in ASEAN (3 years historical, 3 years forecast)
1.2. PVC Flooring Market: Market Size of 2 ASEAN Commercial Flooring Market
1.3. PVC Commercial Flooring Market: Market Share m2 & by Sales Volume (by Categories)
2. Competitive Intelligence (CI)
2.1. Identify Top 10 Producers With Local Production
2.2. Competitor & SWOT Analysis (top 5 competitors)
3. Customer Satisfaction (Semantic, Likert & Rank Order Scale)
Results: Study helped Client to allocate more investments in priority markets. Subsequently, it enjoyed a 20% increase in its Customer Satisfaction score.

Client Benefits? Focused strategic planning, knowledge of competing against competitors


ECO-SWM is a Singapore hazardous waste treatment engineering company.

Situation: The client’s strategic objectives are to study the long-term market attractiveness of Singapore’s waste management industry and to enable it to prepare a persuasive pitch before its investors to invest.

Tasks: Market Overview (Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Waste) and Environment Scanning Industry trends and growth Economic environmental analysis Technology environmental analysis Regulatory legal/political environmental analysis Cultural environmental analysis Market barriers Competitors’ Analysis Current capabilities Expansion plan Strength and weaknesses Market share and competitive strategies Market Size, Attractiveness & Potential Market Segmentation Marketing and Competitive Strategies & Recommendations Economic Analysis and Waste Generation Demand-Supply Modelling

Result? Client was able to benefit from our financial valuation of investment using the Wassily Leontief’s environmental Input-Output (IO) model

Client Benefits? From this study, we developed strategic recommendations to enable our client to better pitch before its Japanese and Singapore investor partners to raise funding for its needed expansion. Danny Tay, Marketing Director, ECO Engineering. “We picked you as you are the only one that can do this! Help us!”