For a Sheathed Electric Heater Manufacturer, Japan: B2B BUYER ANALYSIS & LEAD GENERATION (THAILAND)

Our client, a leading Japanese sheathed heater manufacturer, commissioned us to search for potential B2B buyers. Tasks:

Generate a long list of B2B Thailand buyer leads, machine manufacturers which can buy sheathed heaters. This includes both local (Thai) and foreign (Japanese, European, US, Korean, Chinese etc) manufacturers. By using the list, the client wants to market and sell their material parts products to these machine manufacturers.

Product Segment: Sheathed Heaters. These are heaters that have an electric heating element in the center of a metal pipe filled with a heat-conductive insulating material (MgO)

Project Tasks:

  • Local B2B Customer Profile
  • Name of the Equipment/Machine (e.g. Mold Temperature Controller, Film Coating Machine, Gravure Offset Printing Machine, Heating Medium Circulating System, Oil Cooling Unit, Washer & Sterilizer, High Vacuum Oil Purifier, Cooling Tower, AL. Melting Furnace, etc)
  • Major Players in Thailand [both local (Thai) and foreign (Japanese, European, US, Korean, Chinese etc) manufacturers]
  • Address
  • TEL / FAX
  • E-mail address
  • URL
  • Brand or company name that Buyers (Users) currently purchase Sheathed Heaters from

Result? Client was satisfied with our generated shortlist of 33 B2B customer leads.

Client Benefits? Increased client brand awareness among the 33 leads, leading to 8 converted customers.


GE wanted us to gather industry market data and revenue market share on their competitors. Problem was the lack of current market data, and their Asia corporate planning depended heavily on this required information for their strategic planning.

1. Market size and market share

  • By Sector: Factory automation, Defense, Test Measurement, Medical, Semiconductor, Telecom, Automotive, Aerospace
  • By Product: VME – Virtual Machine Environment, CPCI -Compact PCI, ATCA – Advanced TCA (Advanced Telecommunications

2. Computing Architecture), AMC – Advanced Mezzanine Cards, PMC – PCI Mezzanine Card.

  • By Competitor

Result? Client was able to better understand their competitors’ sales performance and product emphasis as well as to update their market data.

Client Benefits? From this study, we developed strategic recommendations to enable GE to better compete against its competitor and capture bigger market share.

For a Global Industrial HVACR Manufacturer: 9 South East Asian Country Market Research Study

Client wanted us to support its Asia regional strategic planning by these main project tasks:

1. Evaluate country market size by industrial customer segments and cooling product segments (air con, refrigeration)

2. Sales route, value chain and channel analysis

3. Market needs, challenges and issues

4. Industrial cluster map of key industrial manufacturing sectors

5. Identify market allocation priority

6. Formulate market expansion strategy for key selected markets

  • Includes Partner Search (industrial HVAC engineering contractors, distributors/dealers, service support, suppliers)

Status: On-going