We provide both investment and export promotion services to our public sector clients.

Our government clients include Invest UK, El Salvador PROESA, French Laval Developpement, New Zealand Trade & Enterprise (NZTE) and others. We can develop Asia investment promotion strategy to attract Asia foreign direct investment (FDI) into client locations.

1. Investment (FDI) Promotion

We help government investment promotion agencies (IPAs), economic development agencies (EDAs) and city governments to promote their home locations and to attract Asia corporate investments.

A. Investor Lead Generation & Targeting
Identify target investor companies, investor lead generation and investor prospecting

B. Investor Facilitation (Project Handling)

Investor requirements
Visit handling
Information provision (see Investment Monitoring Services)
Investor Consortium (We can assemble and lead a consortium of either Asian investors or service providers like real estate and recruiting agencies as support services)

C. Investment Monitoring Services

(a) Market Intelligence Report
(b) Investor Company Research; Investor Satisfaction
(c) Benchmarking or Ranking (country, city or sector)
(d) Location Research: customised to investor client requirements; Location Profiles and business cases

This service can support re-investments, increase value of existing investment and generate new investment leads.

Market Reports
Investor Profile
Benchmarking or Ranking (of country, city or sector)
Location Research (customized)

Sample Client: El Salvador PROESA client with South Korean investors

2. Export/Trade Promotion

We help government trade promotion agencies (TPAs) to promote their local trade and businesses into Asia with Asia market entry or expansion strategies, partner search and can organize meetings for trade mission delegations to meet with Asia companies.

(i). Trade Mission Support
Organise meetings and support assistance (MatchMaker or ‘Meet The Asia Distributor/Buyer’ programme)

A. Marketing Campaign
1. Long List of potential partner companies + Contacts Database: manufacturers, buyers, importers/exporters, distributor, wholesaler, retailers, etc. We will contact them with an official Invitation with brief mission overview and then follow-up
2. Short List: Shortlist of interested and suitable partner companies (willing to meet visiting delegate companies)

B. Sector Profile Report (for each foreign delegate company)
1. Agenda (Appointment Schedule for each delegate company with time slots)
2. Macro Environment (Economy, Regulation, Political Stability, GDP Outlook)
3. Industry Overview
4. Demand: Market Size, Growth, Buyer Behaviour/Preference
5. Supply: Industry Structure, Major Competitor Profiles,
6. Export/Business Opportunities for Exporters
7. Asian Partner Profiles

C. Matchmaking/Meeting Session (Seminar room)
1. Welcome Desk: Registration of participants
2. Ushering participants to individual foreign delegate tables
(Alternatively, can be decentralised at prospects’ offices)

Reverse Trade Mission
Search for Asian buyers to travel to client city

Sample Client: Brazil’s Ministry of Agriculture (MAPA)

(ii) B2B Sales Lead Generation
Search for Asia corporate customers and consortiums

(iii) Other Support Services
E.g. ‘Branding in Asia’ seminars, ‘Doing Business in Asia’ seminars